Cloud Metro

Deliver exceptional user experiences over a converged, service-intelligent network.

The 5G, IoT, and cloud era brings incredible revenue-generating opportunities for network operators, along with daunting new challenges. While metro traffic is growing 4x faster than any other place in the network, existing capacity can’t meet the demands of ultra-low latency enterprise applications. Resources and services are getting more distributed. The lines between domains are blurring. And separate architectures for business, residential, and mobile services no longer make sense.

You can’t overcome these challenges with a metro network designed for yesterday’s static transport and aggregation needs. You need a network that performs more like a cloud data center than a traditional metro network.

Enter Juniper Cloud Metro solution built on:

  • A massively scalable IP services fabric for new capacity and architectures over a converged network.
  • Service intelligence that steers traffic to the right physical and virtualized resources along the most efficient path.
  • End-to-end automation maximized metro performance with closed-loop automation in the most demanding environments.

How Juniper can help

The Juniper Cloud Metro is a single, multiservice architecture that gives you the power to deliver consistently assured user experiences for distributed cloud services. Through network slicing, service-aware technologies, and cloud-scale capabilities, you can meet or exceed user expectations for every service you deliver—while eliminating the costs and complexity of siloed metro architectures and operations.

Deliver exceptional user experiences

New 5G, IoT, and low-latency services present unique opportunities for service providers and large enterprises to transform their networks and play a more prominent (and profitable) role in digital ecosystems. Juniper Cloud Metro combines scalable IP service fabric, service intelligence, and automation.

Automate and scale IP service fabric

The Cloud Metro solution supports all your metro use cases. It enables you to move up to cloud-scale link and interface speeds, the latest pluggable transceiver technologies, and metro platforms that meet the most stringent timing and synchronization requirements for low latency 5G enterprise services. All our metro platforms offer the same consistent behavior, automation, and One Junos Experience.


Jackson Electric Co-Op Sees 30% Work-from-Home Internet Surge

When the coronavirus crisis forced the shutdown of America, Jackson Electric Cooperative turned it up. Broadband Internet became a lifeline for the residents of Matagorda Bay, Texas, in the U.S., with miles of Gulf Coast beaches and fresh oysters, blue crab, and shrimp. Jackson Electric’s smart community network, built on a foundation of Juniper routing, easily handled a 30% surge in Internet traffic and a 130% spike in subscriber connections.

Jackson Electric Cooperative Image