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Ready to take the next step?

Explore Juniper offers and product trials, all designed to help you rapidly address your changing business needs. Our offers give you flexible and efficient ways to quickly implement network solutions. Product demos let you conduct trials in your own network. You can safely test in a lab or sandbox that matches your network environment.


From finance options to security and rapid deployment, let us help you find a way to quickly solve your networking challenges.

Find out how the AI-driven enterprise and EX Series switches deliver better wired experiences.


Explore an array of lab environments and experiment with virtualization, software development, preproduction configurations, and more.

Use prebuilt topologies to explore our products and solutions.

Validate new features before implementing them in your production network.

Learn the skills you need to become a Network Reliability Engineer, all in a free, in-browser learning experience.


Test-drive Juniper virtual products and discover how to integrate them with the cloud services you use.

Try out Juniper Apstra to automate, validate, and troubleshoot your data center network.

Want to see what Mist can do? Register for a live webinar, watch a recorded demo, or take a self-guided tour.

Try Junos containerized routing protocol daemon (cRPD), offering feature-rich routing functionality for cloud-native deployments.

This virtual lab demonstrates how HealthBot collects and visualizes telemetry data from Junos devices. (Account needed; sign up here)

Experience the power to control and manage your network capacity dynamically. Our trial license enables you to explore the plethora of Paragon Pathfinder capabilities free for 60 days.

See how dynamic, straightforward, and flexible our containerized firewall can be in your own environment. Try it free for 60 days.

Discover the benefits of Juniper’s high-performance virtual firewall.

Test-drive our fully featured, virtualized MX Series Universal Routing Platforms.

Try out our QFX10000 high-performance data center switch without the wait for physical delivery.

Combined with the agility of AWS, the vSRX Next Generation Virtual Firewall delivers advanced security, automation, and secure connectivity, enabling you to achieve your business goals.

Rapidly scale out your AWS workloads for faster time to market with the vMX Virtual Router, featuring API-based, cloud-grade routing.

Stay ahead of threats and protect your workloads while providing enhanced connectivity. The vSRX gives you powerful security services and advanced cloud-grade routing capabilities.

Stay ahead of threats and protect your workloads with the vSRX Virtual Firewall, which also improves connectivity and offers advanced automation.

Rapidly scale out your Azure-based workloads for faster time to market with the vMX virtual router, featuring API-based, cloud-grade routing.